Enhance Your Aura

Promoting self care through aromatherapy

Aura Hue is a minimalist brand, based out of California, that seeks to promote self care through aromatherapy! We believe that a better YOU begins with better air! A little moisture can go a long way! Which humidifier will you choose?


Negative Ion Humidifier

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H2O Rechargeable Wireless Humidifier

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Moisturize your air and skin!

Aura Hue partner, Gabriella Whiting, is enjoying her 1.1L Large Capacity Wireless Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier! 

Why choose Aura Hue?

The Negative Ion Humidifier is my absolute favorite product ever!

Carrie B.

I was in search of a small gift for a friend. Found just what I needed.

Jordan C.

Love the cactus humidifier!! Great quality

Aiyanna H.

The H2O Collection is my favorite. I have ordered multiple items from this collection and have given them out as gifts!

Corrie R.

I actually really like the website and have ordered a few humidifiers

Matt H.

Love the H2O Collection!

Maria G.

Personal Care

How Do you self care?

At Aura Hue, we want our customers to invest in themselves before anything else! Self care comes in many forms. 

What do you do? Let us know!