280ML Cactus Inspired Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Get Fresher Air With This Adorable Cactus Humidifier
Adopted Ultrasonic Technology, No noisy voice will not interfere with your sleep or work.

Fashionable, evenly humidified, surrounded by mist. Cactus Humidifier creates a moisturizing living environment, getting rid of your dry troubles.

One-button touch switch makes the operation very easy. Save 280 ml of water in a bottle, connect it to a PC, mobile battery, etc. One-button control of all functions, with a USB cable.

 Ultra-quiet, safe and intelligent design: With ultrasonic technology, no noisy sounds will interfere with your sleep or work.

Available for 6 hours continuous when switched ON.

Helps in killing bacteria, increase humidity and prevents dryness.

Portable and efficient: Easy to take with you anywhere. Suitable for different environments like bedrooms, offices, cars & hotels.